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CPG Pioneer
by Dennis Hughes

Consumer packaged goods can make your dreams come true
What will it take to make an entrepreneur out of you?
First you need a business plan with steps that are clear
If you want to become a CPG pioneer

You started selling cookies your Grandma’s recipe
Sales success was easy it came to you naturally
But buying the ingredients and all the overhead
To bake a bunch of cookies sure takes a lot of bread

Targeting your marketing and your demographics
Rolling out from coast to coast sales could be fantastic
To cover a long distance you need fuel in the tank
Some private investors or capital from a bank

It takes lots of ambition the right place and time
You will never make it with a quarter and a dime
It will take a lot of talent and a little luck
And any way you slice it, it takes a lot of bucks

You want a national brand with skyrocketing sales?
You need money in the bank if your dream is to scale
Implement your strategy and grow gradually
Do not lose control by growing exponentially

Freight trains rolling down the track are run by engineers
Consumer packaged goods brands are led by their pioneers
They’re heading for the future running full speed ahead
But if you don’t like hard work do something else instead

Consumer packaged goods can make your dreams come true
Are you willing to do the work that you will have to do?
Do you have the confidence when you look in the mirror?
Then you might want to be a CPG pioneer

©2021 Dennis Hughes -all rights reserved
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