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What our vendors have to say about Share Organics

“Share Organics has exceeded our goals and expectations! They are very responsive, give us updates often, are easy to work with, and extremely professional.”
Lisa Blatz - Once Again Nut Butter

"Share does a great job representing our product line.  They understand the Natural and Organic market very well and are continuing to help grow our business.  Unlike many Brokers, they respond quickly to our inquiries whether it’s to discuss promotions, market changes, or just to validate a distributor’s deduction.  We are pleased with them as a Broker and recommend them."
Ann Marie Adkins - Sunshine Burger

"Share Organics is definitely on the top of the scale as far as profesionalism and dedication for a sales broker. They are involved with every activity and detail to help you get distribution and product movement. We feel it's like having a partner that is taking care of our brand every day in NorCal. They are also extremely timely and transparent with communications and paperwork. A pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them."
Ben Lapscher - Pannela Foods

"Share Organics is amazing--everything we always wanted in a broker."
Amber Humphreys - Grow Your Family Healthy

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The Share Organics Team
From left: Frank Johansen, Brandon Bradshaw, Janice Hughes, Gabriel Powers, Dennis Hughes

Phone: 707-538-0558  Fax: 707-538-0552
453 Benicia Dr. Santa Rosa, CA 95409
Our Family of Clients
Share Organics represents manufacturers of high quality organic products i
n frozen, chill, dry grocery and supplements.

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Learn how we can help your business achieve increased sales in Northern California, one of the top markets in the USA.

About Dennis Hughes
The Founder and President of Share Organic Marketing, Dennis Hughes has over 30 years experience in the industry.

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