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Why work with Share Organics?

We offer several levels of service to meet your specific needs. In the case of companies wishing to bring a brand new product to market, we can help with product labeling, market research, designing sell sheets and order forms, negotiating with distributors (including navigating their maze of forms), and creating marketing strategies and ad campaigns. We also work with established companies wanting to take their product line to the next level by increasing sales in specific areas, improving merchandising, achieving line extensions, promoting brand awareness, sourcing better raw ingredients, and extending distribution channels.

We focus specifically on the territory of Northern California: Monterey to the South, East to the Nevada border, and north to the Oregon border. Sound interesting? Read what our vendors have to say about us on our Testimonials Page

At Share Organics we have a strong personal connection with the natural foods stores in Northern California, which is one of the top markets for natural foods and supplements in the United States today. There are over 500 natural foods stores in our region--including 44 Whole Foods Markets, 120 Raley's, 20 Sprouts, 9 Mollie Stones, 15 Nugget Markets, 8 New Leaf Markets, 8 Lunardi's Markets, a number of small chains, and over 250 independent stores.  A large number of the natural foods stores and many other holistic businesses currently carry The Share Guide, our holistic health magazine, which allowed us to start Share Organics in 2005 with an existing relationship with many store buyers and owners.

With over 30 years in the Natural Foods industry and broad knowledge of nutrition, supplements, and many other health related subjects, Share Organics is not your average brokerage. The health of our individual customers comes first. All candidate products are initially screened for nutritional content of ingredients. Dennis Hughes is on the Board of Directors of Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, founded by Dr. Ed Bauman. When we have questions about specific product ingredients, Dr. Bauman acts as our consultant, so we can be sure that all products carried by Share Organics meet high nutritional standards.

The Share Organics team combines specific experience in various aspects of the business:
as a Distributor (founder Dennis Hughes owned Wishing Well Distributing for over 10 years--see bio); as a Retail Buyer (co-founder Janice Hughes was a supplement and HABA buyer for 6 years); and as a National Sales Manager (Dennis Hughes worked for years as a sales manager). In addition, after publishing the holistic health magazine The Share Guide for over 23 years, Dennis & Janice have vast knowledge of graphic design, advertising, and consumer trends in holistic health.

This unique body of experience has allowed us to create a comprehensive program to help our vendors achieve their goals. Therefore, even if you have had disappointments working with brokers in the past (and we've heard many stories), please consider that there is a better way. We can help you!

If you are interested in joining the Share Organics family, please read below to learn about our standards for taking on new clients.

Requirements for New Clients

We are working closely with a select group of high quality and distinctive organic and/or Non-GMO products, taking orders and giving in-depth education to the stores in the Northern California region.

Engaging the services of Share Organics will require:
1) That your product line be non-GMO (preferably Organic) and meets our standards for healthy ingredients and sustainable business practices.
2) That your product line does not conflict with any other lines we carry.
(See our Family of Clients.)
3) Exclusive sales territory--for Northern California.
4) Willingness to provide marketing tools such as brochures, catalogs, sell sheets, shelf talkers, consumer cards, etc.
5) Opening order discounts to introduce your products into the stores.
6) Open and responsive communication and a willingness to solve problems or questions store buyers may have.
7) Offer product training where needed.
8) Willingness to provide product samples for the store buyers (live demos a big plus).

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Thoughts from our vendors and retailers: see Testimonials

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Our Family of Clients

Share Organics represents manufacturers of high quality organic products in
frozen, chill, dry grocery and supplements.

About Dennis Hughes
The Founder and President of Share Organics, Dennis Hughes, has over 30 years experience in the natural foods industry.

Retail Accounts
We work with over 500 stores in Northern California, including all chains, co-ops and independents.

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