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Corn People
by Dennis Hughes

For many generations the Mayans
Of Mexico planted the soil
With their sacred grain maize, that we call corn
Mother Earth's first corn people

To Mayans, maize was a gift from the gods
The greatest of grains in worth
People prayed to their gods for forgiveness
If any spilled on the earth

Squanto taught Pilgrims how to grow corn
In sixteen twenty-one
When he gave us native agriculture
Our push West had begun

Ancient sod broken by first settlers
Oglala Aquifer under Great Plains
Four hundred years since Pilgrims came
We grow corn on what remains

Corn cakes, corn flakes, canned corn, corn whiskey
Giant sodas, Flamin' Cheetos
Corn cobs, corn meal, corn bread, corn beer
Popcorn, Oreos, Doritos

Commodity corn floods the market
More corn even than taters
Chemical farmers, spraying the fields
Filling tall grain elevators

Our industrial food chain runs on corn
Amazing cornucopia, maize
The fastest growing crop, with highest yield
We're corn people in modern days

2021 Dennis Hughes -all rights reserved
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2021 Dennis Hughes -all rights reserved Share Organics -  Santa Rosa, CA