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The Natural Food Race
by Dennis Hughes

Do you want to start a business
To get out of the rat race?
Do you see an opportunity
In the natural food space?

You begin with inspiration
To do a world of good
But thereís tons of competition
In the world of natural foods

You have a cool idea
For a product thatís unique
Itís gonna turn your life around
And start a winning streak

Youíll start by making just a few
And sell them door to door
Then find a willing co-packer
Who can make many more

You patent your family recipe
For your secret sauce
Youíll pour it all across the country
Show them who is boss

But where there is a rat race
Watch out for big corporations
Who will sniff out your idea
And steal your information

An entrepreneur must be smart
When dealt a winning hand
Or the big boys will eat your lunch
And leave you in no manís land

They may try to buy you up
To purchase what youíve got
Or try to imitate your product
And take your shelf slots

It is a lengthy foot race
Like a long marathon
Which has a distant end in sight
When they fire the starting gun

That doesnít mean you shouldnít do it
The idea in your brain
But the barriers to success
Must be climbed again and again

So be prepared for a challenge
You will have to keep the pace
In order to cross the finish line
In the natural food race

©2021 Dennis Hughes -all rights reserved
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