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Organic Seal and Butterfly
by Dennis Hughes

Organic Seal and Butterfly
Traveled to and fro
Seal was pesticide free
Butterfly was non-GMO
They were going on an adventure
Of the tropical kind
Leaving civilization
Leaving it far behind

Headed for Mysterious Island
To the sunny southern side
They dreamed of Purple Lagoon
Where seals and butterflies hide
As they crossed the ocean
A rubber duck floated by
While Seal did the back stroke
And Butterfly flew in the sky

They passed a plastic wading pool
And a spherical crimson ball
They observed a Chinese cargo ship
That was twenty-two stories tall
Things of every description
Every shape and size
If it floats it finds it's way downstream
Out into the tide

"There is so much junk in the ocean
Itís getting hard to swim
The water is toxic and stinky
I can barely lift a fin"
Seal uttered to Butterfly
As detritus floated by
Butterfly flapped his wings
Seal looked around and sighed

"Millions of gallons of pesticides
Are spewed upon the land
It's all a part of the monstrous
Agri-business plan
Where do they think the glyphosate goes?
We know eventually
Chemicals flow to the ocean
From sea to shining sea"

Butterfly fluttered by Seal
"With you I do agree
Non-GMO is important
But it isn't pesticide free
The FDA looks the other way
Here come the Frankenfoods 
When tomatoes have genes from salmon
You know that can't be good"

The two grew silent and went on
In their daydreams they could see
Mysterious Island and Purple Lagoon
Where they would soon be free
To feast on organic fishes
To bask in tropical sun
To sip nectar from colorful flowers
Immersed in frivolous fun

Leaving civilized garbage behind
That cluttered up the view
Out on a playful vacation
To be refreshed anew
Organic Seal and Butterfly
Traveled to and fro
Seal was pesticide free
Butterfly was non-GMO

©2021 Dennis Hughes -all rights reserved
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