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Supermarket Blues
by Dennis Hughes

Food marketers do hawk their wares
All through the night and day
Health claims appearing from their lips
Come hear the words they say

"Low fat, low carb, low calories
No sugar, no dairy
No salt, no meat, no soy, no wheat
Kosher and gluten free

For tall, for short, for fat, for thin
For every body type"
An alphabet of marketing
What’s truth and what is hype?

You pick a shopping cart 
Make sure it doesn't rattle
Nutrition claims are all around
Your brain is getting addled

There is so much variety
You’re totally confused
Is it good or will it kill you? 
It's the supermarket blues

The candy coated cereals
All lined up row by row
A brightly colored carnival
Beneath fluorescent glow

Thirty billion bucks are spent
On food ads every year
How many could be fed with
What is spent to fill our ears?

For every dollar spent on goods
That we can buy today
Twenty cents for ingredients
For what else do we pay?

All the ads and marketing
A global experiment
Where do all the goods come from?
Are they all heaven sent?

The precautionary principle
Is the safest way to go
But is it still profitable?
The growth rate’s much too slow

You pick a shopping cart 
And head into the battle
You slip into the stream of goods
And you begin to paddle

Thousands of shiny products
How are you going to choose?
Is it wholesome or just tasty?
You’ve got the supermarket blues

©2021 Dennis Hughes -all rights reserved
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