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The Covid Diet
by Dennis Hughes

Do you know the COVID Diet?
I am gonna have to try it
Balancing on my scale
Without a spoon

Standing in Birkenstock sandals
Hey, let go of my love handles!
No tank top itís a sunny afternoon

My belly is not suffering
Full of turkey gravy stuffing
Chill on the mashed potatoes
Though their yummy

Donít reach for another handful
Donít eat until your bellyís full
You want a little echo
In your tummy

Naughty snacks I will be stopping
Switch to yogurt with fruit topping
Crunchy toppings on salad
Are a blast

No more peach pies in the oven
No more munching chocolate muffins
Ice cream sandwiches I ate
Them in the past

I suck it in tighten my belt
I am so slender sleek and svelte!
See me stretch, bend and tie
My running shoe

Time to go jogging through the hills
Getting sweaty is such a thrill
Too little time? A short walk
Will have to do

Thereís plenty of time to prepare
Lockdown will go until next year
I certainly am gonna change
My habits

But if I should happen to jog by
A taco truck catches my eye
A crunchy salty treat Iíll
Wanna grab it!

©2021 Dennis Hughes -all rights reserved
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