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A Traveling Salesman
by Dennis Hughes

When I was a young lad
I hitch-hiked all around
I was in no hurry
Like a wind blown leaf unsound 
Playing blues harp with my thumb out
Hitching to the next town 
Gazing at my reflection
In a rear view mirror I found 

I hitch-hiked with a road map
In my blue backpack
It was "On the Road"
By Jack Kerouac
I put 10,000 miles
On my hitch-hiking thumb
And learned all that I could
From the roadside bums

The hobos told me stories
We cooked beans in cans  
And after we had dinner
They'd tell me stories again     
They taught me where to hole up
In the sun and in the rain 
They taught me how to live for cheap
And how to hop freight trains

A hobo's life ain't easy
Outdoors in bad weather
Most were under forty
Their skin had turned to leather
I was not a hobo
Hippie sadhu was my trade
Searching for an answer
Meditating in the shade

It was a great experience
Traveling carefree               
Ride the rails and highways
See all you can see       
Youth doesn't last forever
One day you'll settle down  
Until then you might want
To drift from town to town     

We are all growing older
Though not all of us grow up
We all need to find a way
To put coins in our tin cup
And when you consider
All the things that you could be
One is a traveling salesman
With a sample box like me

I'm a traveling salesman
I drive from town to town 
With a big boxful of samples
The benefits abound       
I tell you all the details and
You lay your money down   
You order what's on special
Then the big trucks bring it ‘round

And now you're a traveling salesman
You drive from town to town
Seeking new experiences  
What’s lost and what is found
You finish your presentation
Sit still without a sound
Then the store buyer says “I’ll give it a shot”
And the big trucks bring it ‘round

©2021 Dennis Hughes -all rights reserved
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